As a previous Vice Chancellors’ Scholar at Nelson Mandela University, Mikaela holds a Cum Laude degree in BA Media, Communications and Culture, as well as an Honours in Corporate Communication. As a Mandela Rhodes Scholar she completed her Masters in Media Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand with distinction. Mikaela is currently completing a PhD in Media Studies at Rhodes University.

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Her research builds on her other numerous internationally published research papers which critically engage with the intersection between retailing, marketing and identify formation in response to the commercialised culture.


Academic articles:

Call for papers 2019 final for 2nd call-page-00131st ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE SOUTHERN

Oosthuizen, M. 2019. Grocery Retail Collectable Loyalty Programmes: An Investigation into the Use of Colour as Embedded Messaging within Pick n Pay Collectable Programmes that Invite a Culture Of Collecting in South African Consumers.

ISBN: 978-1-928472-18-6

document (1)-page-001TEST – Journal of Engineering and Management

Oosthuizen, M. 2020. Collectable Loyalty Programmes: An Investigation into the use of Embedded Messages to invite a Culture of Collecting in the South African Grocery Retailer SPAR’s Angry Birds Programme. TEST Journal of Engineering and Management, 82(1):7436 7443.
ISSN: 01934120


Published Article ISSN 23947926 Crisis Response-page-001IJMAS – International Journal of Management and Applied Science

Oosthuizen, M. 2019. Crisis Response Strategies: Investigating the Modern Marketplace. International Journal of Management and Applied Science, 5(6):31-37.

ISSN: 2394-7926


Oosthuizen M. IASTEM Short Term Promo Activities Official-page-001IASTEM International

Short-term Promotional Activities as Social Media Stimulants: A Comparative Study within the South African Premium Chocolate Industry



Oosthuizen, M. IASTEM Humanities Digiphrenia Official Published-page-001#DigiMethods Rhodes University – International Symposium

Digiphrenia and the Instagram Versus Reality Movement, an Explorative study on Identity Creation




Final PDF Full-page-001ICEBM International

Crisis Response Strategies: A Case Study of the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal




1Look Good for Me – Faludi’s Gendered Roles in SA Magazines

University of the Witwatersrand Consuming Gender Research Symposium




News articles:

1News 24 – Fashioning Fake Feminism

It is Women’s Month and women all over the world seem to be hyped up on Beyonce, but a healthy scepticism is encouraged before you buy that #BossLady handbag.




4The South African – Our Bodies are Changing, Why aren’t our Minds? 

In Backlash: The Undeclared War Against Women, Susan Faludi (1992) claims that advertisements, through an omnipresent propaganda war, have succeeded in adapting the desires and directing the interests of women towards subordinate undertakings and pursuits resulting in women taking on a constant victimised state.


2News 24 – The Sucker Punch of Sexism in Politics

How can amateurs turn pro without the necessary backers? Covered in bandages and brused by black eyes, how can a female politician become a champ if the political ring refuses to be a neutral corner?




1BLOSS Magazine – Runway Review SAFW Wrap Up

With a twist on the classic catwalk, Erre decided to showcase designs in an interactive installation, with models lining the runway in mannequin-like magic. Audience members admired and deliberated over every detail of the garments, displayed like paintings in a museum and adored for the works of art that they are.


2BLOSS Magazine – SAFW The Luxury Collection

South African Fashion Week kicked off a four-day fashion festival on Wednesday and naturally, BLOSS Magazine was front row to report on all of the must-see-moments and key trends shaping the fashion industry that are sure to affect your wardrobe. The first evening of the luxury collection show included the #NewTalent showcase, an initiative to incubate upcoming designers.