What’s SUP ? SUP with Canoe Concepts

If like me, your balance is precarious at best, then the idea of attempting to stand on a board in the middle of Emmarentia dam with nothing but a paddle, would leave you feeling more fearful than excited. But on a bright and breezy Saturday morning, I set out to do just that with a stand up paddleboard (SUP) session with the Canoe Concepts team


The instructor Sandile was all smiles from beginning to end as he demonstrated the various paddling techniques, the easiest way to conserve energy while achieving maximum speed, as well as the best posture for feeling comfortable and secure on the board.


With expert advice like that, it is easy to see how users of all ages can excel at the sport! After a few practice lengths, we set out to circle Emmarentia Dam and I am proud to admit that I did not lose my balance and fall in once. It is clear that the quality of the boards provide the ultimate level of stability for users.


If you are looking for a water sports activity that works your arms and core yet is not too strenuous on the body, then Stand Up Paddleboarding is for you!


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