Famous for its focus on creating clothing as natural as possible, in both fabric and design, Lunar was founded in 1998 by Karen ter Morzhuizen.


A balmy Saturday evening saw fashion lovers gather at 44 Stanley, the home of Lunar, where a special project was to be unveiled.


For anyone working in the business of fashion, it is known that the calm showcased on the ramp is far removed from the chaos behind-the-scenes. Instead of hiding these moments of often unflattering frustration and frantic frenzies, Lunar and Robyn Keet of Inner Voice Creative chose to photograph and display them as part of the “journey” to the finished product that is Lunar.


Held together by paper clips and string, the photos took the audience member on a journey through the highs and lows, the disappointments and euphoria, that is SA Fashionweek.


The focus of Lunar has always been on slow fashion, using only natural fabrics with extra strength to last far longer than the cheaply manufactured clothing that cramps our wardrobe and spoils after barely a season of use.


The evening was a celebration of South Africa businesses with decadent handcrafted chocolate from Chocoloza paired with refreshing Sugarbird Fynbos Gin.


The SA Fashionweek Collection book, documenting highlight-collections over 21 years of SA Fashionweek was a major success and attendees eagerly bought this limited edition ode to fashion in South Africa. The book is available for purchase online here.


Like many others in both South Africa and Europe, I am excited to see the gorgeous creations curated by the LUNAR team.


bye for now


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